I’m Vanshika Gandotra. Currently residing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and studying my third year in a B. Arch program at Carnegie Mellon University graduating class of 2021. Having been born in Delhi, native to Jammu & Kashmir, and raised in Kuwait and Dubai, I have always been exposed to a wide range of cultural changes and experiences - which I believe have fed my passion for travel and exploring different lifestyles in societies. One single society is often strongly depicted in its architecture, which is why I have found that I love exploring different forms of representation. Studying at CMU also led me to discover fields in architecture that particularly interest me such as, zero energy housing, parametric design, material studies: conventional poured concrete and new-age composite materials. I love to observe the science behind detailing in building. Aside from that, I do enjoy a good cup of coffee every now and then (more now rather than then) and am devoted to food adventures - although Kashmiri Wazwan will always be my favourite.
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